I Await My Turn…..

Read about the Kamduni rape case – the sheer brutality of it was shocking to say the least. Penning my anguish, these lines are dedicated to the unfortunate ones….….

“I await my turn”

I live in a democracy, where men and women are all equal.
A socialist, secular republic called India,
where languages are a-plenty, cultures manifold
I wonder, do the constitutional values even hold?

Are we daughters of lesser parents?
or is our body our curse?
Our voices choke at the suffering meted to us,
nothing could ever be worse.

Pandering to the most basics of vices,
they violate us, again and again and again.
Paying no heed to our cries of pain;
totally consumed by madness, what is that they gain?

Moments of excruciating pain,
impossible to put in words or to explain.
they expect us to act normal,
pray, tell me – how can i ever be the same?

Checkups and tests to confirm the crime,
send further shivers down my spine.
They treat us as if the perpetrators of crime,
helpless, further embarrassed, i can only bide my time.

What are you busy with,
our custodians of justice?
why were you, tell me, sworn-in?
To act only if its your kith or kin?

When was ever death better than life?
i used to think when i had a great life.
now i know, now i realise,
take me away god, enough of this malaise.

Whom do i turn to, whom do i call?
i realise, losing my dignity is not all.
Lewd comments and sneering remarks
re-open my wounds, deepening the marks.

The sickening feeling 
refuses to abate,
a victim of man’s lewdness
why should i partake of his hate?

Kamduni’s Aparajita, Delhi’s Nirbhaya are now dead and gone,
I await my turn, i feel all alone………

– Bharath K Balasubramanian


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