Life @ SP Jain – Making of a Tirthankara :-) Part 1

How it all began:

My career with Cognizant was a great learning experience in terms of the roles I handled, the people I met, the work I did and the places I travelled to.  Doing my MBA seemed to be the ideal step (it was late already!) to break away from the monotony of profession that I had got into. The complacency and comfort that accompany a long tenure at an organisation made it a very tough decision and I was sort of putting things off for the past couple of years citing one reason or another. A bystander in the social networking arena,  I have been playing a very passive role for the most part. It seemed all ok while at Cognizant wherein my focus was restricted to customers, profits and projects . All day to day interactions and communication were purely for business with very few contacts taking root for a long term connection. I realised that my social networking and communication skills need an immediate overhaul!

Now I really needed to become a student again to  buy time and put off matrimony for a year :-))

Why SP Jain?

SP Jain is one of the finest colleges in the country and the fact that they had the simplest of application forms to begin with, helped ( I realised  later that they grew exponentially in complexity after the first round – but once you started, there was no looking back). After 2 levels of written applications and a couple of Face to face interviews at Mumbai, I was in.

I essentially found it harder to convince my superiors at Cognizant than the admission panel at SP Jain that I needed to do my MBA! They were of the opinion that I was already doing great and in my latest role of a business development manager, was having a successful run winning multi Million $ customers and projects.  I was, however, convinced that a disruption was required for me to understand myself better and to find my purpose. I really needed to refresh and reboot myself for a new beginning 🙂

Arranging for the moolah was not really tough considering the banker at home (he also had a ‘peththa kadan’ to take care of!) and I am now an elite customer at Syndicate bank considering a combo of housing and education loans!  


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