is it so difficult to make people see reason?

is it hard for people to be sensitive of others?

is it difficult for people to keep their opinions to themselves?

is it a problem to be yourself?

is it difficult for people to appreciate the good in others?

is it difficult to appreciate others for the things they do?

is it difficult to thank people for their help?

is it so difficult to give due credit to people?

is it difficult to have a relation without an underlying transaction?

is it so difficult to call a spade a spade?

is being outspoken a problem?

do people enforce their choices on others?

do people have a difficult time differentiating professional from personal behaviour?

do people act cheap?

do i expect people to be sensible?

do i expect people to be logical?

do i expect people to be rational?

do i hope for people to change for the better?

do i care for the undeserving?

do people put money before everything else?

do people want to share their negativity with others?

do people retain incidents, as ammunition to be used later?

do people lie?

do people always have a mask on?

do people become defensive when their shortcomings are pointed out?

do people never forgive?

do people get away with BS?

do people find safety in numbers, for the wrong reasons?

do people love freeloading?

do people start strong, but wither along the way?

do people confuse arrogance with self confidence and vice-versa?

do people mistake humility & humbleness for weakness?

does relation take a back seat when it comes to personal gains?

does the truth ceases to be, the moment it is uttered?

don’t people stand up for what they believe?

don’t people pull their weight?

don’t people believe in reciprocity?

are people negatively affected from one’s positiveness and positively affected by one’s downfall?

did i even write this?

– Bharath K Balasubramanian



One thought on “Why?

  1. All this, because we are not ourselves and can’t see our own goodness..then how can we think of goodness in things and people around us 🙂

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