Getting into Shape!

A finisher...a champion!

A finisher…a champion!

Always dreamt of getting into shape,
Flaunting a figure for others to ape!
Scared whenever I look at the measuring tape,
Only if i could shed off this fatty drape!!

My dresses of yore fit no more,
Squeezing into one would be an impossible chore,
Talking always about losing weight is a bore,
Can’t take it lord…not anymore!

Started on the road to shedding a few pounds,
And after a long time, heard the early morning sounds,
one more, one more…so went my rounds,
My dream was no longer out of bounds!

The keywords were now diet and nutrition,
Couldn’t still hold back many a temptation.
I guess I needed some competition,
and looked at my old pics for some inspiration!

Sweating out repetitions the Sisyphean way,
Set to cutting away the flab come what may,
Sleep, Diet and exercise day after day,
Continually inspired by the future that was to stay.

Lost my 15 extra pounds finally,
Jumped up and down, celebrated with glee!
Gorged on chocolates, cakes and high calorie,
Maintaining myself now is another story!

© 2014 Bharath Balasubramanian All Rights Reserved