Who has a better life – this generation or the previous?

Answer by Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian:

I would answer this question from a technology perspective:
My generation – 80’s born (Gen Y) have seen a sea of change!
– We moved from 8-inch to 5 1/4  inch to 3 1/2 inch floppy disks!
– We jumped in glee at using the shiny CDs, followed by DVDs and then Blue-rays!
– We saw ‘Thumb’/Pen drives proliferate along with external HDDs
– We saw Moore’s law in action – performance of systems getting better and better while becoming smaller and smarter!
– Mobile phones metamorphosed from brick like devices to the smart snazzy devices that we use today!
– From Dial-up modems and their classic connection noise, that we would patiently handle   we have moved to superfast broadband!
– Websites and Applications for each and everything – you name it, it is available!
– Laziness and convenience got a boost with on-line shopping. Anything and everything delivered at the click of a mouse!
– We are connected more than ever before – very social!
– We are in the knowledge proliferation age. All that you want to know is available and all you have to do is just ask! (Quora for example!)
Isn’t this a great time to be!!

Who has a better life – this generation or the previous?


How do we overcome the regret feeling of wasted years?

Answer by Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian:

In matters of Finance and Investments, we often use the phrase ‘Throwing good money after bad” that serves to advice against trying to recover bad investments by investing more.
The ‘Good’ money here would be the life you are leading, this very moment, this very instant and the life to follow. The ‘Bad’ money would be what has already passed. Don’t waste the Good money.
Regrets don’t help at all.
They represent a part of you that still wants to hold on to what-if scenarios instead of taking a bold step in the right direction. They only suck you in deeper, just as a quicksand does when you struggle too much. Lets leave the past and start afresh for a better tomorrow!
“No Regrets…they don’t work” – Robbie Williams (I’ve been expecting you) 🙂

How do we overcome the regret feeling of wasted years?